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Getting Started

A hunt club may have any name as long as it is no longer than 25 characters in length and is not profane, embarrassing or offensive to the public.
Please Note: If more than one Recreational Lease Unit (RLU) is owned by the hunt club, the club name that is specified when the account is created will apply to all of those Recreational Lease Units (RLUs).

The hunt club contact represents the hunt club to Lyme Timber Company and acts as the primary contact. The contact can be any member of the club itself (president, secretary, etc.), but that individual will ultimately be responsible for payment of the lease fee. Invoices, dues, and other forms of correspondence from Lyme Timber Company will usually be via e-mail so that person should be someone who has a dependable internet connection and is a frequent user of e-mail.

• Click and drag the map to explore available Recreational Lease Units (RLUs).
• Click on directional arrows to move the map. Click + to zoom in and – to zoom out.
• Mouse over and click a marker to view RLU details and to place your bid
• Use the RLU Filter to help you find the RLU you want.
• Note: RLU boundaries will be displayed on the map when you zoom in.

All account passwords must be six or more characters in length. Following are some tips to help you make a strong password:
1. Create a password with at least eight characters. Short passwords are easier to guess.
2. Combine letters, numbers and symbols.
3. Create a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Do not use your log-in name, your spouse’s name or your birthday.
4. Do not use a password that is hard to remember or must be written down in order to remember.

The filter allows you to easily find Recreational Lease Units (RLUs) with the qualities you want.
For example: You can search for RLUs that have a certain minimum or maximum number of acres. Choose “Options,” then select “Apply Filter” to update the map with your refined search options. The filter will be applied to everything you see on the map until you select “Clear Filter.”

A Recreational Lease Unit (RLU) is the term used to identify an individual tract of land that may be leased by an individual and/or a hunt club for recreational use, such as hunting. The RLU is defined by the number of acres, boundaries, lease length and other characteristics specific to the tract of land. An individual or hunt club may lease more than one RLU.

A hunt club is an individual or group of individuals who desire to enter into an agreement to lease the hunting rights on Lyme Timber Company property. Each member of the hunt club must be listed by name and address.

Common Questions

No. Commercial activities are not allowed on the property. This includes guide services and subleasing.

Leases have been revoked in the past due to land sales or breach of contract by the hunting club. Generally, at any time during the term, Lessor shall have the right upon notice to lesees to immediately revoke and terminate the lease and the rights and privileges of lessees. Lessor and Leasee have the right upon thirty(30) days prior notice to lessor to terminate the lease. For specific terms, see the lease agreement. Depending on the situation, refunds may or may not be granted.

It is the Lessee's responsibility to ensure that a Company lock is on all gates. The Member will be responsible for the cost of locks.

Members may use lawful means to prevent trespass, or prohibit unauthorized hunting or fishing. Members are authorized to post the property using signs of painted blazes are prescribed by state law to post. Posted signs should be attached to tress of poor quality or form using aluminum nails, staples, or non-metallic fasteners.

Refunds are handled on a case by case basis, subject to the terms of the lease agreement.

Log-in to your account. Select “Update Account” from the “My Club” menu. Make your changes and click “Save Changes”. Update your account whenever your club information changes (contact, phone number, address, etc.). Please Note: A verification e-mail will NOT be sent to verify changes to your e-mail address.

New members may be added to a hunt club anytime before printing the lease agreement for execution. If you would like to add members after the agreement has been printed and sent, you may do so; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that new members understand the requirements of the hunting lease.

Guests are allowed on the property in accordance with the terms of the hunting lease agreement. Guests must remain with a current member at all times while on the leased property.

Part of the lease fee paid by the hunt club will be used to purchase a Liability Insurance Policy. The insurance coverage therein purchased shall include $1,000,000 Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability.The premium for said insurance policy is included in the rental rate set forth in the lease agreement.

Members can be added and removed from a club at any time by editing the club member list in your online account.

Written permission is required for a campsite. All campsite structures must be capable of being removed on demand - no permanent structures will be approved. The owner's name and day-time phone number clearly posted at the entrance.

Yes, but only following approval from Lyme or their regional manager. Approval requires a location map, specific seed mix, and planting and maintenance procedures. Once approved Lessee may establish, at Lessee's sole cost and expense, wildlife food plots on the property for the sole purpose of attracting and feeding deer, turkeys, and other wildlife.

First notify your local law enforcement, including game wardens, conservation officers, forest rangers or state police. Second notify the Lessor.

You must enter the following information for each club member prior to downloading your lease:Name, address, phone number, Email address (if they have email)

Yes. Log-in to your account. Select “Edit” from the “My Account” menu. Make your changes and click on “Save Changes.”Please Note: A verification e-mail will NOT be sent to verify changes to your e-mail address, so please be sure you type any changes carefully.

The lease agreement is a 1 year term from July 1-June 30, annually.

You may not start hunting until you have received a notification from Lyme that your agreement has been legally executed. The club president/ contact person will be notified by email with an approved date to begin hunting.

HUNTING LEASE agreement checks should be written to the FUND as listed on the payment invoice.

Please refer to your payment invoice for the payment address. Or call 980-430-6156 for further instructions.

Harvesting can happen on any lease at any time. The age and of the timber and the current market determine when harvesting occurs. It is the hunt club’s responsibility to remove tree stands from areas being harvested. Lessor is not responsible for tree stands damaged during timber harvesting or any other time.



You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to download the lease documents. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from:

RLU Leasing Questions/Technical Support:

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